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About Us

Tom & Jackie

Both Tom & I are native Californians, and having spent 11 years in SW Montana are enjoying the benefits of being back home again. We always appreciated the peaceful lifestyle Montana offered as well as the beautiful surroundings, and most of all we feel fortunate to have been able to farm in one of the coldest climates of the USA! Through our experiences in a chilly USDA zone 4,  we've learned strength & perseverence. Now we are in a zone 9, and loving it!
We are embarking on a new adventure by slowly transforming our property into an edible landscape. Since there is no shortage of gophers, rabbits & squirrels in our area, we've decided that growing above ground is the way to go for us! We want to help others understand the importance and gratification of growing food, so we now offer our Redwood garden boxes for sale. Please visit our Garden Box page HERE for various sizes & pricing.

We now offer garden consultations within San Diego County. If you're interested in having us set up some of our garden boxes for you, please visit our CONTACT page for more info.

Thanks so much!

Picture of our farm in Boulder Montana.

Sweet, juicy watermelon!

                                                                        Washing beets for csa delivery.



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